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Not sure which program to gift? No problem! With our monetary gift certificates you can give the gift of speed and left the racer decide the perfect program! Monetary Gift Certificates can be applied to all Skip Barber Programs and Merchandise!

Driving School
Using our time-tested racing techniques, Skip Barber Driving School’s teach the survival skills needed to safely handle today’s challenging road conditions over the course of one full day.


Skip Barber Driving Academy: A full day hands-on course for teenage drivers with at least a learners permit and 20 hours of driving experience. It conveys the same vehicle dynamics message delivered in the 1 Day Driving School, but also emphasizes greater “street awareness”, survival skills and a thorough review of road etiquette.


Racing School
Part art, part science, driving a race car is about feel, focus and anticipation. Your racing journey begins at one of North America’s premier racetracks with our world-renowned instructors guiding every step on your path.

1 Day Racing SchoolThe One Day Racing School is the perfect program for the person new to racing. This day long experience allows the driver to experience our race prepared school cars on the race track. 

Mustang GT Schools - $2995 // $3995 (COTA Only)

Formula Car Schools - $3995 // $4999 (COTA Only)

3 Day Racing SchoolThe Three Day Racing School is every driver’s gateway to motorsports and racing. This is Skip Barber Racing School’s signature product – with a curriculum that combines classroom sessions with practical hands on seat time. 

Mustang GT Schools - $7695 // $8965 (COTA Only)

Formula Car Schools - $8795 // $12500 (COTA Only)

2 Day Advanced Racing SchoolThe Two Day Advanced Racing School is just as it sounds, advanced. This school picks up right where the Three Day Racing School leaves off and helps the participant transition from student to Racer.

Mustang GT Schools - $6595 // $7695 (COTA Only)

Formula Car Schools - $7695 // $10500 (COTA Only)